The birth

The Earth shakes…
From the farest of the galaxies, unknown living beings have arrived.😱
Are they Aliens? Future Humans?
No, it’s the shocking meme dog family.
Came from a remote journey full of pitfalls and adversities, they’re finally here, ready to know and explore the planet Earth in the form of collectibles.
Will they colonize us or will we see a magnificent coexistence?

We will sell amazing Shiba Inu collectibles at an affordable price.
Each NFT will be distinguished by rarity, from the common for noobs to the legendary for pros.
Make sure you choose the right one, because you will find yourself surprised in the future😉🤫.
You will see different characteristics that enclose a particular family, some of these families will have greater importance, in fact, the Special Hunting originates from here:

special hunting:

Collect all 4 rarities of a special family to be rewarded with a epic or higher value NFT.
Special families have no common rarity, but they will only be “uncommon, rare, epic and legendary”


The first airdrop is live, get a look on our OpenSea marketplace and choose your favorite one.

Some mistery boxes will be released, from which you will have the possibility to get already a epic or higher NFT.
The drop will run along with the promo “buy 2 get 1 free”.

The total supply will be of 1.000 pieces.




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